At Nottingham, recording isn't a job, or a procedure. It's an art performed with passion. A quest for perfection . . .

the uncompromised, ultimate mix . . .

The roots and philosophies of Nottingham were formed over 40 years ago when Gary Smith walked into his first studio. At that time, state of the art technology was 2 track recording, all instruments played at the same time. Since those early years and the birth of multi-track recording, Smith has played on, engineered and produced, countless albums on all recording formats right up to today's cutting edge standard. His no-nonsense approach, combined with "going the extra mile" has built him a deep pool of recurring clientele over several decades. He believes that the best engineers and producers are musicians, as they have a natural intuitive and musical way of thinking, and, when combined with a technical and electronic sense, one can achieve outstanding results. Over Smith's four decade career, he has performed with and/or recorded such greats as The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Lee Greenwood. Louise Mandrell, Brewer and Shipley, Ray Stevens, Roy Clark, Pat Boone, Bobby Vinton, Jim Stafford, Glen Campbell and many more. You can be sure your project is in the right hands at Nottingham and it will get the utmost personal attention. At Nottingham, we believe that "in the quest for perfection"

Nottingham Studio, just 30 minutes from Branson, MO, is located in a private creative setting in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Springfield, MO. Bookings are by appointment only.









Over the past decades, we have produced and recorded many CD's and DVD's covering almost all genres of music. Call us today to get started on yours !

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A new project is underway at Nottingham! Carter Bryant (designer and creator of the world famous Bratz dolls), and his sister Angie are recording a new 13 song CD titled, "Love Alive". The CD features mostly original material written by the brother/sister team, but also features one cover remake from the female duo, "Heart". Tracking begins the second week of October. This will be a fantastic CD and will feature some exciting originals and will showcase a cast of world class musicians. More on this project will be posted later, so be sure to check back!



Yet another Nottingham production! The Coleman Boys, four brothers from Nevada, Missouri are starting a new 12 song country CD. Song selection is complete and tracking with commence soon. The CD features songs from some of Nashvilles best publishers and writers. The brothers recorded an acapella gospel CD last year at Nottingham which is doing quite well. These boys have a great future !


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Nottingham adds on new electronics shop and storage!

Nottingham recently built a new 1,200 square foot building to house an electronics shop and storage for Nottingham and AV Solutions, LLC. See the new additions below!

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Nottingham Produces new TV spot ! The new spot is currently being aired on Fox News, CNN and CMT. Click on the photo to check it out !

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New Article!

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Springfield Business Journal Article on Nottingham!


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We hope you enjoy your tour of Nottingham!

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