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Nottingham offers complete CD mastering and editing services for your project. We can take your songs or recorded material from almost any source and create a finished product you will be proud of.

Once we receive your material, we can manipulate, enhance and edit audio using audio mastering/editing programs such as:

  • Digidesign ProTools
  • Sound Forge
  • CD Architect
  • Vegas Audio
  • Vegas Video
  • Wavelab


  • Gigasampler
  • Samplitude 24/96
  • CD Creator
  • Cakewalk
  • CuBase
  • Nuendo


We can then create a CD master and/or DAT  master for replication.

We at Nottingham look forward to the opportunity to help you bring your project to fruition. We realize all of the long hours and hard work it takes to get a project to the mastering stage, and feel that once we are entrusted to complete this most important and final stage of the recording process, we will do everything possible to make sure the project becomes all it was meant to be.





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