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Nottingham offers great rates whether it is by the hour, the song,

or a complete project rate inclusive of everything.

Call 417-890-9400 today or email us for a quote !


Project or Song Rates

By answering just a few questions about your song(s) or project, we can quote a "project" rate that quite often can be significantly less than the usual hourly rate. Generally, the rate will be all-inclusive providing you with studio time, engineer, producer, musicians, arrangements and even creative help with your song(s).

Project "Block" rates available in 8 hr., 20 hr. and 40 hr. blocks





Custom CDs / DVDs

We burn custom CD-Rs and DVDs in real time from your properly prepared DAT or other source master at the rate indicated. We can also create a DVD master (authoring) ready for replication. Master preparation, editing or re-sequencing are charged at the Studio  rate as indicated above.



Nottingham can provide a producer, arranger or studio musicians on request. Fees vary depending on depth of involvement and extent of arrangement. Nottingham can also quote a project or per song price for a complete package. Call to discuss your needs.



Payment Policies and Terms

  • All rates are based upon payment in full at time of sessions.
  • A deposit of 50% of the scheduled studio time is required to reserve studio for all sessions over 4 hours.
  • Minimum booking for recording, mixing, mastering or editing is 1 hr.
  • No multi-track tapes, master mixes or master CD's will be released before payment in full is made unless other arrangements are made in advance.

        Contact the studio manager for additional  information or questions.

  CD Sampler Available On Request  

Thank You For Considering Nottingham !

Springfield, MO / Branson, MO

(417) 890-9400




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