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Perhaps the best service we provide at Nottingham is working with the writer/artist and transforming their song(s) into a finished demo or master. We take pride in our ability to produce a product that the writer will be proud of. Below are several samples of songs that have been brought to Nottingham, usually on a cassette that has been recorded on a portable player at home. What you will hear by clicking on the photo(s) is an edited compilation of the original "work tape" that "transforms or morphs"  into the finished product.... sort of a "before and after" demonstration. These start as low as $250.00 per song, which include all production fees, musicians, studio time, and all costs associated to achieve the finished product.

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Scott Springfield

This writer/artist from Oklahoma City, Ok, is featured on the MP3 page. This song, "Someday" is a deep and emotional offering from this talented writer and vocalist. A good example of a "before/after" featuring real violins and strings with an in-depth production.




Greg Hanson

This new and promising vocalist from South Dakota has a great voice and writing style. His new CD, "I'm A New Man" is a refreshing and new approach to today's country. Click on the photo to hear the "before and after"


Dee Daume

Here's a lesson to all of us thinking it's too late to have a music career. This lovely senior recently recorded a 13 song CD, "i'm No Angel" at Nottingham. This inspiring writer/artist is getting rave reviews from radio stations all over the country! Click on the photo!


Mike Lehar

This writer/artist from Niangua, Missouri just completed a 10 song CD at Nottingham. The CD, "Country Stew" is a collection of Mike's efforts written over the last 25 years. A "retro" feel with a genuine message, this CD is one you will want for your collection.


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